PQ.hosting怎么样,PQ.hosting好不好,PQ.hosting,俄罗斯商家,正规公司,主要提供KVM VPS和独立服务器,VPS数据中心有香港HE、俄罗斯莫斯科DataPro、乌克兰VOLIA、拉脱维亚、荷兰Serverius、摩尔多瓦Alexhost、德国等。部分配置有变化,同时开通Paypal付款。香港、乌克兰、德国、斯洛伐克、捷克等为NVMe硬盘。香港为HE线路,三网绕美,而且带宽也达不到标定(不建议香港)。免费支持windows 2016。日期商家商家了荷兰专用服务器,免费提供ipv6,自带一个IPV4,可附加IPv4价格1欧元/月,机房位置荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯,支持Paypal付款(有4%手续费); 先注册,再选择套餐购买文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html




免费提供ipv6,自带一个IPV4,可附加IPv4价格1欧元/月,机房位置荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯,期限越长,折扣越大,3个月起付款可享受折扣文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html

cpu 核心线程 内存 硬盘 带宽 流量 机房 价格 购买
2x E5-2680v2 20核40线程 32 GB RAM ECC 2 x 480 GB 1 Gbit 无限 荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯 €150 / 月 点此直达
2x E5-2680v2 20核40线程 64 GB RAM ECC 2 x 480 GB 1 Gbit 无限 荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯 €220  / 月/ 月 点此直达
2x E5-2680v2 20核40线程 128 GB RAM ECC 2 x 960 GB 1 Gbit 无限 荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯 €330 / 月 点此直达
2x E5-2680v2 20核40线程 256 GB RAM ECC 2 x 960 GB 1 Gbit 无限 荷兰, 塞韦里乌斯 €380 / 月 点此直达


  • 香港:
  • 俄罗斯:
  • 荷兰:
  • 德国:74.119.192.xxx
  • 摩尔多瓦:



* Organization of a private network.
* There is no mandatory binding to the first days of the months when paying for the service. The rate is calculated from the rental date.
* No hidden and additional payments – payment is clear according to the tariff and not a cent more.
* Free AntiDDOS.
* Ability to organize BGP.
* All servers are connected to a 1Gb port.
* Discounts when paying for hosting for a period of 3 months. The longer the term, the greater the discount.
* Backup power supply – two units plus two independent power supplies.
* Unlimited traffic.
* A wide range of operating systems and control panels with automatic installation.
* Internet access is provided by the best Internet providers in Europe.
* Free control panel with full access (ipmi / ipkvm / ilo) for the entire period of hosting.
* Possibility of leasing additional IPv4 (up to 32 addresses per server or network / 24 and higher).
* Ability to lease IPv6.
* Provision of CISCO ASA, Failover IP – upon request.
* Free reinstallation of the operating system in one click
* Hardware RAID controller on each server.
* Two processors on each server.
* All equipment – from leading brands, in particular – Intel DataCenter drives on all servers.
* Ability to choose a network over 1 Gbps.
* Personal Telegram manager and 24/7 VIP support.
* Super fast activation – just half an hour and your server is ready!
* Server “turnkey” with your individual settings, parameters, requirements.文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html
















*根据要求提供CISCO ASA故障切换IP。文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html





*能够选择超过1 Gbps的网络。文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html

*个人电报经理和24/7 VIP支持。文章源自主机测评-https://www.zjcp.cc/1555.html



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